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About Trebirth

Trebirth Private Limited is an early stage agri-tech startup, whose mission is to solve the problem of early detection of stem borers inside plants before noticeable visual cues can be seen, and help farmers take timely action to save productivity and plant life. Our team consists of a passionate and multidisciplinary mix of hardware & software engineers and product designers. We have collaborated with several industry and domain experts to bring out a targeted solution to the problem of stem borers in the agriculture industry.

Focus Areas





“There are many infested gardens present and the immediate solution in during stage also has a large market along with the pre stage. Parallel research should be done in the pre-stage as well”
Mr. Vilas Shinde
Managing Director at Sahyadri Farmers Producer Company Ltd (Sahyadri Farms)
“We would benefit a lot from such a device if it can scan trees at a high rate, it will save us a lot of money, labor and yield loss”
Mr. Saurabh Malsane
Marginal grape farmer
“The stem borer infestation in my farm does not give off any visual symptoms, therefore it would be of great help if such a device could help me identify infected trees, it will help me take timely action to save my plants.”
Mr. Ravindra Sambherao
Marginal grape farmer

Protect your crops with us

We enable smart ways to help save your crops and money in ways that work.